New entrepreneurs and exciting hospitality concepts

EP is committed to giving voices to emerging talent and new entrepreneurs. Continually there are areas with huge opportunity for development, from apps to ease consumers’ daily lives to business to business technologies aiding in creating sustainable and effective expansion.

So, what new ideas are being developed in the hospitality industry for consumers?

  • LEV – a social media platform designed for people with dogs to meet and explore dog friendly companies in new cities.
  • Good Pea Co- entering the plant-based milk industry with a passion for allergen free products that are more sustainable than competitors.
  • Pasta Shake- a healthy food retail concept with an interest in customer ease whilst maintaining taste and quality.
  • Mywage – a company creating new digital payroll systems with a focus on catering to new flexible work models and being easily integrated for seamless use.
  • Upstreet- a fractional share reward program between companies and their employees, helping brands to build true employee and customer loyalty.
  • Binit- providing rubbish and recycling services for businesses to improve sustainability and reduce landfill.

These a but a few of the new companies and entrepreneurs we are working with to create effective frameworks for development, allowing new ideas to thrive and reach new markets and investors.