Networks: Global Hospitality and Emerging Leaders

Global Hospitality Network and Emerging Leaders Executive

The Global Hospitality Network

…….The Professional Network that is based off personal introductions and a desire to learn.

The Emerging Leaders Executive

…….For informal professional development designed to support your needs.

The Founding Principles

  • The founding principles that lie behind EP are ones that have been trusted and relied upon through the ages – informal knowledge, sharing and learning coupled with the importance of relationships that are more than just superficial. EP has run networking events for many years that aim to bring professionals together with no agenda beyond a common desire to learn and build relationships. The Global Hospitality Network (GHN) is simply taking the principles that have worked effectively in London to a broader platform.
  • Customers and consumers today are International in their tastes, desires and fashions. There will be times when we all need to access expert professional insight from another region with ease, with speed and at little cost. This is the aim of the GHN.
  • The network has proven professionals from across the International spectrum that are able to provide personal insight and knowledge that can only be of real value and support.
  • We are also committed to the development of Hospitality industry bringing together across all the regions in support of another. The Industry is vibrant and exciting and it is important that it can work as one to help talent grow and develop so that the industry itself is stronger as a result.

As a result we are therefore in discussions with:

  • Leading universities and colleges
  • Professional organisations re research that can be shared and promoted
  • Government agencies
  • Entrepreneurial Groups
  • Investment Groups

In the last decade social networks have been dominant and yet there is now weariness about an online relationship with no substance. The GHN believes in the importance of relationships and we work to create personal introductions between professionals from different countries for a share of knowledge.

The GNH is dedicated to not just bringing professionals together from across regions but also to learning and professional development. For those that are seeking course or mentors to help support their development, the GHN can support this desire.

For more information please contact Natalia Latorre

The Emerging Leaders Executive

  • EP has helped many professionals and has hosted frequent events for emerging leaders from across the sector. The events have been popular and one of the questions often asked is how can we raise the bar to really support a leader’s development.
  • One of the most common threads of feedback is a desire for interactive, on-going, informal learning and development with a focus on broader issues and supports peer to peer group development.
  • We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop such a solution and are delighted to launch the Emerging Leaders Executive. This framework has come through discussions with emerging leaders and is designed for this audience.
  • Our aim is to create a programme to help provide a social learning experience that builds professional friendships plus offers real access to learning from the industry’s best.

The Emerging Leaders Executive provides:

  • The Leaders Dinner
    Monthly dinner with a leading industry player who talk about their career, thoughts and experiences. It is rare and difficult to meet the leaders of our industry but this will give members a unique insight and access.
  • Life Skills – Coaching and Mentoring
    It will possess a range of mentors and coaches that can be accessed.
  • Essential Advice
    Leading professionals will work alongside and provide invaluable advice and insight.
  • Peer-to-Peer Group Sessions
    Selected groups will work together to consider and discuss key issues and problems with mentoring from experienced industry professionals.
  • International Trips
    Journey around and discover the leading operations in action. See and learn from the best.
  • Exclusive events and invitation only networking

This is designed to provide ongoing professional development from the early days in one’s career all the way to board level. The Emerging Leaders Executive is about development in a structured yet flexible, informal way and is designed to meet your needs.

Hospitality is a vibrant, exciting industry and there is a genuine need for knowledge shared across regions. If you would like to be a member of either network or would like to contribute, please contact Ben Butler

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