Net Zero, Carbon Neutral, Carbon Reduction…do you have the answers?

Many hotel and hospitality organisations have made ambitious public commitments to deliver net zero targets, but there are large gaps between the commitments made and the known means by which they can be achieved. There are a range of solutions which have the potential to drive the transition to net zero, but there is often no consensus on which technologies will be able to achieve this most economically and effectively at the scale required. With sustainability, carbon footprint and the cost of utilities being the hottest of topics, delivering on net zero targets has never been more important.

Delivering Net Zero within hotel estates will require a complex set of actions full of new suppliers and challenges, which requires operational collaboration to learn from and deploy solutions at low risk.

EP in partnership with Innovation Gateway look to launch a series of round table think tanks starting in December and into 2022 to share knowledge and look at how hotels and hospitality organisations can effectively implement strategies and thinking to set and achieve net zero status.

HOTELzero by Innovation Gateway, brings together leading organisations to uncover and share practical insight, as well as solve difficult problems through collective experience and the identification of innovative approaches.

Innovation Gateway enables the world’s most ambitious organisations to accelerate their progress to net zero. It is designed for organisations who have ambitious Net Zero goals and are looking to understand and transform their strategies and commitments into a deliverable roadmap for execution.

Many recognize that they do not have all the answers. HOTELzero enables participants to learn from their peers, subject matter experts and improve their ability to identify and deploy innovative technologies and approaches that will be key to delivering their ambitious commitments.

Should you wish to find out more information about HOTELzero or to participate in a think tank session, do not hesitate to contact us.