Millennials are the leaders of tomorrow

Millennials are the leaders of tomorrow is part of the EP campaign entitled The Leaders Class. The aim of the new initiative is simple: changing people’s thinking around leadership.

One of the biggest areas of focus this year for EP is the need to develop knowledge and thinking amongst middle executives and to encourage companies to invest more into leadership development. Not so much training but through learning from the experience of proven leaders, as well as developing life experience and greater understanding. It is time generations come together to learn from each other.

The Challenge Ahead

Many cultures have become lazy whiles change is happening. As an example, Airbnb and online innovators have changed the dynamics of the hotel market. It could be argued they were caught off guard.

The educational system is not teaching life skills fundamental to leadership – so business needs to be prepared to step in. Is success now more focused on personal achievement rather than that of the team?

Rounded individuals

  • 70 per cent of business leaders agreed that many of the skills needed to do well at work are not taught in the classroom.
  • For those who do question whether they should support, they need to remove the mindset of ‘train and leave’. “If everyone trains then it’s fine if people move around.”
  • Were the baby boomers more rounded after school?

Fear of failure

The mental load of management is linked to experiencing failure. Whether actual failure or potential failure. Both the things that can go wrong and the things someone isn’t doing that may be an oversight.

It’s harder for Chief Executives today and Brexit is a catalyst for change. Could it be that a combination of the digital revolution and changes in schooling lie at the heart of the problem? Is the challenge to reverse this trend?

EP strongly believes leadership centres can support, by creating the following:

  • Think Tanks to develop breadth of knowledge and understanding
  • Team building activities
  • Real life skills

Great people, Great culture = Great business.

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