Many large companies are allocating funds to support the ideals and development of future leaders.

Many others have seen the pandemic change their thinking on people.
This November, we are delighted to announce the publication of a new book entitled “Time for Change in Hospitality Leadership” which analyses just why it has been a struggle for many emerging talents to break through to leadership roles over the last decade and how the pandemic will have seen many companies and leaders change their thinking in how they run their businesses.
The book includes interviews with over 100 industry leaders from across the world as to their thoughts on how business leadership has changed over the last ten years, and on what the future holds.

We are beginning to see a natural changing of the guard as so many millennials move into positions of influence with their own ideas and beliefs. Arguably they have been the most affected generation by both the 2008/9 financial crash and the pandemic.

How different is their thinking?
Are we about to witness a rest in values and philosophies?
Are their lessons to be learnt from the past?

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