Many feel disillusioned about the standard of recruitment. Fairly so but the pendulum is swinging back towards great personal representation

Careers have long been hard to build and recruiters used to play an important role in working with some of the industry’s leading talents in guiding their careers.

Back in the 80s and 90s, recruiters played leading roles in industry. They were central and many of the leading players were well-known figures. Since the advent of job boards, this all declined as companies understood they could reduce costs and manage the recruitment process effectively themselves.

Back in the early 00s recruitment costs rose at a speed and there was a sound logic in companies developing their own route to market – but even though many employed experienced recruiters to lead their processes, the level of advice and support given to candidates personally declined until it has reached a low ebb. A leading CEO recently noted at an event “Many recruiters should stand ashamed as they don’t reply properly to applications, act with poor behaviours and it is a struggle to trust them.”

It is too easy to criticise recruiters but this has been driven by the rise of AI, the Internet, the market and companies. CVs only tell a part of a story but they have become too important in a process with less time focused on personal skills and attributes. In hospitality, better is needed. Bad behaviours are often driven by how the market behaves.

However, one can see that many are now seeking more and the pendulum may well be starting to swing back to a better balance. Process and systems have been too dominant in recent times and people across all disciplines are asking for better, for real personal contact, good advice and support.

If ever there was a time for good recruiters it is now. It is needed now more than back in the golden era of the 80s and 90s.

The work landscape is going to change at a faster speed than ever before. Many will feel vulnerable and want better career planning. They are going to want good representation and advice that helps them talk through their thoughts and the market. With all the changes coming down the line, everyone will need to learn to reinvent themselves as they progress through their careers, be able to adapt and more real understanding/thought will be needed.

Good talent deserve better and greater insight. It is a time for the good recruiters to step forward again and this will be to the benefit of all – companies and talent.

Hear hear to that.