Looking forward to a bright future

These are exciting times for EP business in hospitality. With a broad range of events, networks and industry initiatives we are also delighted to welcome new members to the editorial team.

While the central focus of EP is the hospitality sector – trends, developments, new initiatives and entrepreneurial creativity – we also recognise that it’s important to consider the broader business world and developments in other sectors in order to maintain a balanced perspective. As such EP is delighted to announce that new members have joined the team, bringing with them a fresh perspective and alternative viewpoint on the issues.

CoverJaz Notay joins the EP team from a finance background. A former FD for the City Division at Elior, Jaz brings with her an excellent commercial perspective and clear business focus.

“I am passionate about enterprise and business, which is constantly evolving and will continue to do so. Working with EP is a fantastic opportunity to engage with individuals who are driving the change and laying foundations for the future, and I am excited about what lies ahead.”

Sara Stewart is a well-known operator with many years’ experience in the hospitality sector. Sara’s focus within EP straddles a broad remit from liaising with senior players in the sector right through to the up & coming entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

“The new editorial team look to present broader insights, horizons and success stories from business life in the UK and abroad. I, for one, think there is a real opportunity for established businesses and operators to support the young talent and entrepreneurs in the sector, and I think EP has proven itself as a good medium for making this happen”

Miriam Staley brings a unique perspective to the team. Having previously been a competitor on BBC show of “The Apprentice”, Miriam has enjoyed a varied and successful career encompassing the events industry, finance and professional development.

“Joining EP is a great opportunity to get involved with a business which is really focused on the sector and trends and developments. This is a unique opportunity to become part of a team which is so well placed to look at the issues and share objective and well-informed insights and knowledge”

On a personal note from the existing team at EP, we are genuinely excited by what the future holds for the hospitality sector and the opportunities presenting themselves in 2014 and beyond. It has involved a lot of work and effort but through the various initiatives, networks and events managed by EP alongside the magazine, we are in a unique position to see first-hand the entrepreneurial endeavours of operators in the sector, made all the more interesting by the support received from established players. By welcoming new members into the team we are aiming to broaden the remit of both the print magazine and online campaigns, while continuing to grow the audiences reached by the various EP networks, forums, events and business partner relationships.


The next issue of EP Business in Hospitality magazine will be delivered by the end of next week. As ever, we look forward to receiving your feedback and observations on content and articles. For more information on all of the initiatives run by EP or to get (more) involved with the community, please contact Arlene McCaffrey

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