Looking behind the boom or bust trends


America is often at the forefront of these changes and in recent years trends have leaped across the pond to enter the UK market. It is fascinating to observe these trends and look at the reasons behind their success.


At the beginning of the year there was talk of locally sourced ingredients and chef-driven fast casual concepts. As we enter Autumn 2016 other trends have joined these more well-known concepts. Craft/artisan, home-made plates, artisan ice-cream, farm branded items and ancient grains are all becoming more ‘fashionable’.

It is hard to predict the consumer, but evolving demand can be seen. Poke (pronounced po-keh) is sweeping across the states and has already landed in Britain. The healthy concept brings with it other foods considered better for you; savoury yoghurt, algae, baobab fruit (rich in vitamin C) and water tapped from every source – coconut, maple, birch, cactus.

It isn’t just products, it’s also concepts – no-waste kitchens, the delivery revolution and ‘heat + tang’ (spicy food with tangy accents) are all also growing too.


What could be behind the trends?

  • The rise of the single male household
  • An ageing population
  • The consumer who looks at sodium and sugar content, trans fat, cholesterol and saturated fat
  • The chemical consciousness
  • The demand for the decline of GMO
  • The millennial generation and personalised nutrition plans

It is fascinating to observe and at times essential to act upon.

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