London is an ever changing city but one which is the modern global city for the 2020s.

With all the bad news which has been circulating in recent weeks, we thought that maybe we should make a note that London is a city which has often seen periods of high drama and continues to build and prevail. It contains far more surprises than many realise. Despite Brexit, London is still viewed as a major force and this will not change.

  • A global city. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world with over 300 languages spoken to highlight the ethnic diversity which the city contains.
  • If one thinks that gin today is a popular beverage; it compares little to the Gin Craze between 1720 and 1751 when the average consumption of gin was 2 pints per week for every person in the city, including children.
  • Norway has gifted London a Christmas tree each year for Trafalgar Sq since 1947. The tradition started as a way for Norway to thank the UK for its alliance during World War II.
  • During the Second World War, London acted as the capital for six countries including for Poland, France, Belgium, Norway and Holland. London was the of heart of European collaboration
  • Twice as many people visit London each year as live in the city. Over 19m visitors come to the City each year.
  • The progressive city. In 1878, London University was the first in Britain to allow women to study and grant degrees to them
  • More people live in London than in Austria.
  • London’s Bus System Covers the Equivalent of 12 x The Circumference of the Earth Each Year. Each year, the buses on London’s transport system drive over 300 million miles.

London possesses a great history and it has seen all challenges. In the Blitz, London was even bombed for 57 consecutive nights.

However, it is a global centre and today boasts some of the greatest examples of hospitality to be seen.