Let’s Talk Food! A new consultancy which has food and experiences at its core

EP, in partnership with exceptional culinary experts, are delighted to launch a new consultancy offer which carries culinary knowledge and insight at its heart. Food has been one of the central pillars in Hospitality. One only has to look at the pulling power of culinary tourism. At the same time, tastes are changing and more is being demanded from consumers, clients and investors. One only has to look at so many in-house cafes where many feel that there is still much space where the offers can be developed?

Many are wanting to rethink their food offers and asking how their food offers can be reimagined?

Similarly, many are asking whether this is a moment to reinvent traditional British recipes which seem to have partially forgotten over the years. The UK has become world class in its overall offer but this offer is based off global food styles but the country does possess some of the best natural produce in the world. How can this be better promoted and used?

Everything today is being questioned and sometimes having fresh and creative experts with whom one can work, can only help ensure that there is a consistent focus on what lies next. How can new food experience be invented?

This new consultancy will have a core focus on:

  • Senior culinary appointments – Chess has along history in recruitment but now this brings together that extra culinary knowledge to work upon senior assignments across the industry.
  • Mentoring and support for emerging culinary talent – so many focus on mentoring schemes when its comes to operators but developing culinary talent too needs the same support as so much in the industry does evolve around the food offer. How can talent be helped to think differently and be actively supported in their development?
  • New food and concept design. What new food offers can be created and designed? How can cafes be reimagined? How can menus be freshened?
  • Food tours. The team can host tours around leading food outlets across leading food centres.

Consultancy often focuses most on business models and process and this is naturally of primary importance but equally of importance is culinary talent, food concepts and design; for these do engage. Many offices, all across the country, see their food service as being central to their own plans to re-engage employees and teams. Many hotels want to possess food offers which engage both guests but also act as a central pull for the local community.

So this is important. We hope we can be of support