Let the Strong support the New

Let the Strong support the New


EP has recently been working with a range of new start up concepts and operations in Hospitality.

At any one time we are working with 20-25 ideas and newly established companies. They see opportunities which others don’t always fully recognise and hold the belief that through hard-work, commitment and adaptability anything can be achieved.

2They have the energy, vigour and desire but need the support and chance to go even further. They are prepared to work beyond normal capabilities when backed through good judgement. Some need investment and funding, others the opportunity to trade and a few just need good advice.

They will follow journeys that will test them and will expose their characters and weaknesses. They will have great moments and dark times. This is something they are aware of but they still have the belief that their vision will work.

It can be a frightening experience in the early days but new concepts possess exceptional potential and with the right blend of talents and inspiration some of them may become the leaders of tomorrow.

It would be exceptional to see a framework where the proven and established in the industry support the new.

This is our aim; to build and develop a structure to give the new support and better chance of success.
The industry has a tradition of supporting entrepreneurs. As we have developed over the years we have gained much from great support and we want to continue this into the future.

Each month, we are hosting events with this group with those that are interested to invest and support them.

For those interested to be a part of our work with entrepreneurs, please email Ben Butler ben.butler@epmagazine.co.uk We would love to hear from you and find out how you can help.

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