Learning from the sport culture

Since the beginning of 2018, IndiCater has been proudly sponsoring several events with international sports stars. We have been incredibly lucky to have had sports men and women from a variety of disciplines. We have all learnt lots and believe the sports world can provide fascinating learning for our own industry.





By Jonny Stevens, Business Development Director at IndiCater

IndiCater, EP and Sanlam UK, strongly believe that the hospitality industry, and indeed other sectors, can learn a great deal from the sport environment.

The sessions have highlighted the importance of a team and strong leadership. We learnt from Schalk Brits how Saracens went against the traditional model and put the players’ lifestyle and family at the forefront.

One example of how Saracens went about implementing this was by giving the players an extra day off to allow them to find work experience, helping to give them additional skills and ideas for when they retire from sport. Giving this back to the players made them feel valued and drove results on the field, truly highlighting the importance of good culture.

One thing every speaker has had in common is their sheer determination and drive not to give up, failure is not an option.

Regularly getting up at 5am in the freezing cold to achieve something amazing becomes normal life if you want to reach your goal. Whether that was to qualify for the Olympic games or win a championship, there was a common key thread – team. In both team and individual sports, the people who are involved are key to success.  The level of trust and respect for each member helps cement a solid relationship. An individual sport may only have one person participating but there is a huge team of people helping them to achieve their aim, whether they are a coach or physio they are made to feel part of the end goal.

There are great lessons about teamwork and culture that we can learn from sport.

If you haven’t been able to attend one of the sessions so far, I strongly recommend coming along to the next one. You will leave the evening feeling incredibly inspired and come away with new ideas for your company.

A quote that has stayed with me since the last event was from gold medallist Christa Cullen – ‘If you’re not willing to fail, then you’re not in the race.’

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