Learning from innovation failure in tourism

Dr. Isabel Rodriguez from The University of Surrey has created the following videos as part of their project: The innovation journey of tourism entrepreneurs: evidence from the UK and Spain and policy implications (INNOVATE). Conducting  numerous interviews with innovative entrepreneurs.

This first video is on the five most common pitfalls:

Failing to succeed with an innovative entrepreneurial venture is a painful but valuable learning opportunity. The aim of these videos is to review some of the key lessons reported by real-life entrepreneurs participating in the research who failed to succeed. Some might seem obvious but they are real-life examples which illustrate how easy it is to overlook them in practice.

For this second video, the researchers aim to translate the research findings into a language and format that can reach potential entrepreneurs to remind them about the importance of a proactive and active management of common potential risks. The video also brings teaching opportunities to academics lecturing entrepreneurship and innovation in tourism in order to attract their students’ interest and shape their future careers as potential entrepreneurs.

This second video is advice and lessons:

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