Leadership is changing.

Can we use this time to really prepare talent for the world post-pandemic?

We are working on it.

Nearly all will accept that great skills will come through, not just experience, but also through on-going training, dedication and development. Sports players train every day. The military is not let lose without intensive training. Same with the professions, both accountancy and legal; so it bemusing that the investment in training in leadership development within hospitality has reputedly halved over the last twenty years.

Hospitality is an industry that displays both great teamwork and leaders at all levels from the restaurant floor to the kitchen to housekeeping to general management. It has been a discussion which has left many frustrated in recent years.

However, maybe now is a moment when the momentum can be changed?

The challenge of modern leadership. Leadership has changed from the traditional perspective to be one which is far broader-based, with more expected and asked. Leaders today need to consider their stakeholders, their employees, the communities and society in which they operate, the environment, culture and trends. The world has changed so much in the last ten years and many are lagging behind in their understanding. At the same time, we are about to witness a change in generations and the question arises as to whether the industry is ready to empower and pass on the baton of leadership?

With all the challenges being faced now, it can be even more important than talent and emerging leaders are nurtured again. Leadership today is far less about the natural behaviours related to traditional leadership but needs greater knowledge, understanding, learnings and insight.

At the same time, we have talents from one of the greatest generations in terms of achievement wanting to work with emerging talent. There is no lack of goodwill, the challenge is to create an effective framework.

Again we are fortunate as there is a wealth of expertise and experience from the worlds of top-level sport to the professions to proven leaders to craft experts to international marketeers and operators all standing ready to be of help.

With all this, our aim is to create a leadership hub for learning; to provide insight, knowledge and learnings from those who have really operated at the highest levels and can provide knowledge and insights that very few are able to access.

Learning should be about inspiring a desire in talent to want to improve, learn and grow. We possess the expertise and the desire. There is also a need to help develop the skills of those who are wanting to improve and grow, despite all the hardships of the moment.

However, it is logical that if we can help develop the knowledge base of talent then the chances of their success, and the success of their employers, will naturally improve.