Leadership cannot be learnt in textbooks, it is about you, who you are and a bespoke and personal service

Introducing myritrovo app – launched today on Googleplay and Apple Store

One of the founding pillars behind the creation of Ritrovo was a weariness of many believing that leadershio can be learnt from textbooks or manuals. Leadership is all about character, leadership is about life. The challenge of leadership will expose every flaw, every insecurity, and every vulnerability that you possess but that is all just part of the journey. It may sound concerning but it is also the most satisfying and fulfilling of challenges. You will find very few who wish they had never become leaders. Most will feel honoured to be able to lead and they will see the experiences as their greatest learnings.

Leadership is all about character, who you are and what you stand for.

One of the contradictions of this time is that so many talk about the fear of failure which sadly suffocates many lives, careers and every day realities but every single leader will have failed, most failing many times during their journey. Leaders will know that they will fail almost every day in some small way but they understand that it is all part of their journey, part of learning and they embrace it.

We are joining technology with personal service in the creation of the MyRitrovo app where you will find bespoke support in the form of mentoring, social engagement and active discussion forums with global and industry agnostic communities discussing and debating topics of issues, a treasure trove of engaging leadership articles, videos and talks and most valuable of all, many interviews with proven leaders who talk openly of their failures, their greatest lessons as well as their successes and insights.
Ritrovo is all about bringing real leaders and those wanting to learn via a bespoke service with the sole task of aiding your development, learning and your confidence.

It is for this reason that Ritrovo brings together proven leaders to act as mentors to those who want to learn and grow. Leaders who have lived it, done it and continue to thrive because of it. It is about joining global communities for knowledge share and personal engagement where there are no geographical, industry or language barriers.

Leadership can only be learnt through experience and through a growth mind-set, a desire to listen and learn, share ideas and knowledge, not through classrooms or textbooks but through real experiences from real people in near and far worlds.

Ritrovo has been founded to create bespoke learning for each individual. The real learning will come from the interaction on the social chats and discussion forums, sharing member created content with those on the platform,by attending online lectures, by interacting with mentors and through sharing ideas with others. You will able to access great knowledge and expertise with ease. You will be able to listen and learn in our own time and explore the rich content whenever is good for you. Ritrovo is founded to provide your personal space to learn from others.

To access the Ritrovo app

Step 1. Contact the team at Ritrovo and we’ll send you your personal password to activate your MyRitrovo App
Email Lauran@myritrovo.com
Website: www.Myritrovo.com and follow the link.

Step 2. Head to the App Store or Google Store and download the My Ritrovo App with the links below. Enter the personal details we sent you and you’re all set to join Ritrovo.
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