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What the future can really look like…

Julian Fris, Director at Neller Davies explains that because Britain is in the grips of political and economic uncertainty, driven in no small part by the choppy waters and uncharted territory of developments such as Brexit, is it also time foodservice and facilities management firms must invest in the future of their own businesses and the industry as a whole.

Read here: In a future which is undoubtedly foggy, why is now the time to break the cycle?

Two Voices. Two Arguments

A recent Think Tank EP hosted, on the leading dynamics taking place within the Food Service sector, reached a number of thought provoking conclusions including a call for a Food Service Board under the new UK Hospitality banner – one that really does represent the needs of the sector to Government. But also a call for another board that sits separately and looks to have its own voice on issues for the sector.

Read here: Why there needs to be representation for the sector by the sector

Dream, think and do – the future is you

Heather Gibson, Managing Director at Pendulum Partnership argues that today’s battle soon won’t matter. To make it happen in a perpetually disrupted world you need to be limitless; a leader with dreams willing to act through your own values to create opportunities relentlessly, and victories occasionally.

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The Way Of The Gods – Bologna To Florence
Monday 18th to Monday 25th June 2018

In June EP is hosting a charity walk in Italy through a series of ancient roads and mule tracks that lead through beech woods and along grassy ridges between rugged peaks named after gods. Beginning in beautiful Bologna and finishing seven days later in Florence, the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany, the walk is also to enable personal growth and create memories.

Would you like to join?

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