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The great opportunity in disruptive change is new leadership; welcome to the limitless leader. Heather Gibson, Managing Managing Director, Pendulum Partnership: Leaders, particularly those with a helicopter view of a business, understand this seemingly inexorable contradiction, but are often inhibited from major changes to accepted wisdom and course trajectory due to status quo pull back.


Why financial gains are secondary

Why is everyone jumping on the plastic bandwagon? “Dramatically changing how a caterer provides and serves F&B to their customers may suit current marketing messages but isn’t it important we take the time to actually work out what’s best for the environment and for the client?” asks Marc Frankl, Food and Beverage Director at Amadeus.

Transforming a business overnight won’t happen but progress can be made

Recent hotel deals and news. Minor International (MINT) have come a long way since 17-year-old William E. Heinecke founded the company in 1967, to this year when they buy 25% stake in NH Hotels (and others!). We explore the hotel construction pipeline across Europe, ask if the UK will ever see a strike like the one in Vegas and ponder who drives the trends in neighbours.

The latest hotel sales and acquisitions

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Following the first of four charity walks taking place this year. The next one is The Grand Cru Walk between 17th – 24th September 2018. This walk in September 2018 goes through the famous Burgundy region with its country vineyards and historic trails. Walkers can explore the renowned wine locations along the way including Nuits-Saint-Georges and Beaune known as the centre for the Burgundy wine trade.

These walks are to raise money for two very special charities:

These walks stretch people personally and impact positively on overall performance and decision making, enabling leaders and emerging leaders to broaden their thinking, experiences and exposure. It’s also simply about having fun.
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