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Compass gives baristas a shot with new Academy. “I was watching the clock tick on and on. I honestly do not think I would have gone if it hadn’t been for my manager. Without his belief in me, I would probably not be in this position now.”
The story of Sharon Trundle – Master Baristas.

A real hospitality story

“The historic Adelphi has opened it’s doors again after an extended renovation closure and is a welcome re-addition to the NY scene. Elsewhere we see more properties in the pipeline in Saudi Arabia and ask questions on what impact this will have on Dubai in the coming years.” Dev Anand, Managing Partner of The Hotel Property Team (THPT) explores the above and the latest hotel sales and acquisitions.

A hotel announces a closing date… in two years

VIDEO: Food Service Campaign – It’s time to make the argument. Chief Executives are concerned over productivity and culture and this is where food and service can play such an important role. Now is the time to act and make a difference. This video is the introduction to the campaign and to provoke discussion.

The first time in a generation where there is real opportunity?

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The Great Service Debate – Thursday, 5th July 2018
EP and Penshee are collaborating this year by bringing together players from across the hospitality sector for the event series; The Great Service Debate. Over a roundtable breakfast discussion, the room discusses and debates two core questions: ‘What is great service?’ and ‘How do we achieve this across our industry?’ To find out more and to register interest please contact EP here.

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