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Can the right food offer increase employee wellbeing, productivity, mental and physical health and even trust? In the face of Brexit apetito are confident they can support businesses by saving cost, time and effort but the underlying truth is that it supports the wellbeing of people – and in today’s world, perhaps nothing matters more.

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Monika Moser is all about people. As Managing Director for Europe for Wilson Associates, the global interior architecture and design firm, she has just overseen the opening of their London office. EP met with Monika to explore why leaving hotels and entering the design world is actually a benefit for the hospitality sector.

From the front desk to managing director of a global firm

A pilot spends hours behind a simulator before they fly, should it be the same in hospitality? Peter Russell, Operations Director at Russell Partnership Technology and Andy Heyes Strategic Partnerships Assistant explore the future of hotel simulations.

Simulations deliver an environment without the fear of making a mistake

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Walks that take People on a Real Journey

This year EP has been organising a range of walks to raise money for two special charities. The aim of the walks is also to free people up by taking part in activities that challenges, inspires and builds relationships.

They stretch people personally and impact positively on overall performance and decision making, enable leaders and emerging leaders to broaden their thinking, experiences and exposure, to have fun and build meaningful relationships.

The next walk takes place in France in September and is followed by Austria in October.

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