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Jay Burgesson, Commercial Director at Food Show argues that whilst ever-changing diet trends impacts event caterers, with the right approach they can be embraced to improve the offer.

Diet trends + exciting ingredients + sustainable seasonal produce = new dishes that our customers love and want to eat regardless of their overall dietary choice.

What’s the link between finance and sustainability?

Michael Wilks, Financial Controller at Winnow explains how businesses can run efficiently whilst also doing the right thing for the environment.

“Study after study has shown that people are happier and more productive in ethical, purpose-led businesses. Staff retention is greatly improved, and recruitment is easier and therefore cheaper.”

Are our senses wanting to fight back?

We may well face a world that feels more lonely and isolated but really what work cultures and environments need to also focus upon is the visual – their design, their art, their food offers and service levels through great people. Add in the trust element – and people need to be able to trust – and suddenly the landscape can change.

Yes it does mean a need for investment but investment is needed to reverse the building momentum of employees opting out to join the gig economy, of the fall in productivity, in the increasing levels of stress and mental illness – the investment should however be in great services, in great food, in design, art, environment and in building strong social interaction underlined by trust.


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