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Get excited: passion is fashion. Passion is a key capability in the new leadership paradigm. Yet, in an industry regarded as an assortment of passionate people, do leaders really deliver through the fire in their belly? Heather Gibson, Managing Director at Pendulum Partnership explores.


Why is it incredibly hard to deliver outcomes?

“AccorHotels continue its strategy of buying hotel after hotel, White City in London gets a new club from a proven player and there is a new addition to the UK hotel scene from a Singaporean business.” Dev Anand, Managing Partner of The Hotel Property Team (THPT) explores the above and the latest hotel sales and acquisitions.

Plans for the club whose founders include Charles Dickens

VIDEO: “We reduced our food waste by over 70%”. Winnow are drawing attention to food waste and are creating and sharing impactful solutions. Watch their interview with Claire Adams, Account Manager at Restaurant Associates, Compass Group at Wellcome Trust who shared her inspirations and challenges during their food waste journey.

What’s your take on all the attention that food waste is getting lately?

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The Great Service Debate – Thursday, 5th July 2018
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