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How City Pantry are transforming workplace food. The London food-tech start-up is experiencing triple-digit growth and helping hundreds of companies get their teams around the table every week with delicious meals from the capital’s thriving food scene. With ever-changing consumer demands and a belief that the catering industry is about to go through radical change, how are City Pantry disrupting for the better?


Discover the philosophy behind the business and how they can drive productivity

A new voice and lead for a new product. apetito have long been known for their service offering within the healthcare and social care sectors in the UK, but arguably they are not viewed as a key player in the retail foodservice sector. In truth, they possess the potential to be and have shown a genuine commitment to both innovative and service delivery.

How apetito aim to make a difference in changing times

The judgement of a free leader. In all that is written about the lack of trust and stress at work, it is often leaders that take much brunt of critique. The hard truth is that they face some real challenges and are not always free to act in the way they believe is right.

Businesses may become pretty soulless… but does that matter?

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