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One of the most common objections to innovation is that a business is “not ready.” When dealing with something that causes positive change, it can make some companies take a step back. This is natural and apetito, the established food solutions business, understand this reaction and in turn focus on helping people become more ‘ready’.


It’s a bold move to challenge the market, but Mark Smalley is ready

“Looking back its difficult to convey just how much you have to do yourself when you want to make something a success.” EP explores Stuart Sunderland’s journey at City Pantry and what the future has in store for the ambitious company with a young, grounded and determined leader.

The leader helping companies work better by eating together

A unique opportunity for Food Service to make its case. There is a genuine opportunity for the Food Service Sector – maybe the first in a generation – to present a strong message/argument that can resonate with the boards of organisations and make the case for stronger investment into a service that really does impact on the daily lives of so many.

There is a real desire to work together to tell this story and message

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Sport, Leadership & Culture
26th June 2018

The next in the year’s series of informal sporting talks. Joining us are:

  • Danielle “Nolli” Waterman – England rugby union and rugby sevens player
  • Stephanie Millward MBE – British Paralympic swimmer
  • Heather Fisher – English rugby union and rugby sevens player

They will share stories on their experiences and learning as top athletes and rugby stars.

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This year we have heard from leading rugby players, Olympic heroes, international stars and more. These relaxed evenings are focused on leadership, culture, trust and learning. EP’s role is to bring the sporting, hospitality and businesses worlds together for worthwhile knowledge share. We can learn from one another.

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