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BHA and AMLR merge to form UK Hospitality. A tough few years lie ahead.

The British Hospitality Association and the Association of Multiple Licensed Retailers have merged to form UKHospitality. It faces a tough few years attracting new members, say Bob Cotton and Miles Quest.
What’s the purpose of a trade association? To lobby government? To represent the industry? To lead the industry?

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Hotelympia – Think Tank Summary

In partnership with eHotelier

EP was delighted to host a special Think Tank session at Hotelympia this week. The focus of the session was on the need to improve productivity, trust within business and the development of talent. The argument presented was that there is a genuine opportunity for change if companies both understand the need for change and start to think differently about both their customers and their own teams/cultures. Those present included seven CEOs/MDs, three leading entrepreneurs, key influencers and two former sporting figures.

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Should we listen to Vanilla Ice for management advice?

Simon Carey, Director at Blink Cafes explores whether companies who try to provide all services should instead collaborate for the best delivery.

“Stop, collaborate and listen”

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Upcoming Events:

Food Service Think Tank

On the morning of the 20th March, we are delighted to be hosting the first of series of Think Tanks we wish to run for the Food Service Sector. We see this as an important period of time for the sector and the key areas of debate that we wish to raise are:

  • Should the new UKHospitality follow the American model and have two divisions – one for Food Service and one for Lodges?
  • Or how shall we create a new voice to represent the sector?
  • The sector needs to make a stronger argument for itself so there is greater understanding of important work that the sector is doing in terms on a range of issues from employee welfare, obesity, child health, nutrition and sustainability. The model has long been very tight and there is an opportunity to change the dynamics so that the sector can generate a fairer profit as Food Service can play a key role in supporting productivity and retention.
  • Finally what happens in terms of labour after Brexit? Is there a plan?

To find out more and register interest please contact

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