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Absolute Taste have been on some journey in the last 12 months which has resulted in a move from London to Bicester and a new commercial model disrupting food service for the better. EP met with Neil MacLaurin, Chairman to discuss how this all came about, the philosophy behind the business and the exciting future on the horizon.


What’s hidden behind the shed door at Absolute Taste

How Winnow and Compass Group are collaborating to fight food waste and draw attention to the problem as well as create and share impactful solutions. Linked back to April’s Stop Food Waste Day, Winnow recently interviewed Thom Baker, Executive Chef from Chartwells on his food waste journey and to share some of the best tips on dramatically reducing waste.

Why Winnow and Compass Group are sharing creative solutions

Dev Anand, Managing Partner of The Hotel Property Team explores the latest hotel sales and acquisitions. “Limak are investing US$600 in tourism projects following their journey from construction to managing airports, we ask if the new Travelodge Plus format is a bit too risky and look at how some hotels are now offering full-service hospitals to appeal to certain markets.”

Recent hotel deals and news

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The Great Service Debate

On Thursday 20th September 2018, EP and Penshee hold the fifth session in The Great Service Debate, a series of six events where senior players discuss and debate two core questions:

  • What is great service?
  • How do we achieve this across our industry?

Session summaries of the first four events can be viewed on our website here and a full report will be published in Q4. Few would question that ours is the ultimate service industry, and that great service is crucial to its prosperity. However, do we agree on what great service really is, and how we translate this into the millions of service interactions taking place every hour in the UK?
These questions are being discussed at a hotel synonymous with fine service, The Goring, and takes place between 8am and 10am.

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