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EP Food Service Campaign
There is a unique opportunity in time for the food service sector to make its case at the Board Room table. Chief Executives are concerned about productivity and culture and food service can play an active role in creating Food & Beverage venues that really engage audiences. There is a desire to work together to and tell this story and message.

Absolute Taste – The New Disruptor
EP is delighted to present this new video which showcases Absolute Taste and the difference they are bringing to the market. At the helm are Lyndy Redding, Founder of Absolute Taste and Neil MacLaurin, Chairman of Absolute Taste.

Introducing apetito
apetito have developed a new product offer range for the food service and retail markets as the UK faces the challenge of Brexit. EP is delighted to introduce a video that outlines this new service level – a viable and attractive option for companies to consider.

Working in Hospitality at the Cambridge Colleges
Created by Cambridge Colleges
Recruitment is currently difficult in the hospitality industry. Businesses are working hard to acquire and retain talent but in today’s climate it is challenging. Cambridge Colleges have addressed this situation by creating this excellent video which showcases the empowered hospitality team and why they love doing what they do.

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