Kontentigo- a new private members club for those who believe in the power of the creative arts to enhance the human spirit.

We are delighted to announce that we are partnering in the launch of Kontentigo – a new private members club for those who believe in the power of the creative arts to enhance the human spirit.  It promotes respect, inclusion and trust: values that are welcome in our fractious times.

The simple aim is to bring people together, to take a break from their often fast-paced and complex lives, to enjoy conversation and friendship built around these important themes.

Regular cultural events will give members access to those who shape the creative world in which we live: thinkers, artists, musicians, chefs, writers and broadcasters.

Members will enjoy culturally immersive events, set to begin in February 2020, to be staged on a monthly basis. These will include:

Dinners, often overseen by internationally renowned chefs, focused on particular cultural themes.  Contributing speakers and performers, including from the worlds of music, art, literature, journalism and broadcasting, will share their insights and talents.

Travel, to culturally rich destinations, accompanied by experts who will provide fascinating insights.

Kontentigo’s founders are a group of like-minded professionals from the worlds of hospitality, the creative arts, law and finance. They are:

Chris Sheppardson, MD of EP Business in Hospitality and Chess Partnership, businesses which work closely with the hospitality industry to support successful growth and development. Chris is known for leading industry-wide conversations as a means of addressing key issues and challenges.

Lawrence Cartier, Consultant and International Lawyer with Ince, and a specialist in the company/commercial issues, with clients including major banks, corporations and high net-worth individuals in various parts of the world including Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

John Harris, Chairman and founder of the Good Eating Company, one of London’s most successful food service management companies, known for creating food experiences that reflect and enhance the core values of client organisations.

Ramesh Vala OBE, Consultant with Ince and its brand ambassador. Prior to joining the firm in 2014, he worked for a number of other leading law firms, including as partner and head of property, where he gained extensive experience in advising clients on property related matters.

Amir Panahiexperienced Chairperson who has worked in a diverse range of sectors including bio food and eco-tourism. Skilled in business planning and development, he helps clients fulfil their potential by assisting with concession acquisition, project viability, finance, risk, transaction and advisory services.

Donald Sloan, Chairman and founder of the Oxford Cultural Collective, an international cultural institute that promotes a better understanding of food and drink in pursuit of personal fulfilment, professional development and social change.