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One of the most common frustrations expressed by leadership teams has been the “intellectualisation” of problems with little real solution resulting. Companies are fighting fires on all sides and many senior executives are struggling to find solutions. Many have opinions but one of the frustrations is often these have been led by narrow perspective with real little evidence or insight.

Over the next few months, EP is proud to be working with a range of exceptional experts to host events which can provide some clarity on the major issues. EP is also working with experts on a range of major initiatives to create new frameworks for the 2020s.


· HVS Global Webinar – The Impact of Covid-19 on Global Hotel values – 27th October. This event will be three bespoke webinars for audiences in Asia pacific, Europe and for North America across one day

· EP Think Tanks on new services and new models emerging – October and November

· Alix Partners Food Service Growth Report – 11th November

· Bird & Bird, HVS, EP and Alix Partners – Hotel growth through Innovation – what new models may look like – 1st December

· Prestige Purchasing and Food Price Index – 6th December


· Working with experts from Higher Education on what needs to happen for better evolution in the system to take place

· Working in the development of new community training restaurants to support talent from disadvantaged backgrounds

· Working with over 25 companies for an industry collaboration -Gastronomica 2022 to showcase the work being done and the importance of the industry for the future

· Supporting Ritrovo and a new leadership development platform –

Come and join the discussions.

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