Knocking on the leadership door

Where are the leaders of tomorrow?

A common question from board directors –

Why are there not greater numbers of emerging leaders knocking on the door, to be leaders?

There is a strong argument that we lost a generation of leaders with the changes that took place during the 2000s decade. The developments in digital technology changed work practices more than many realised and there is no doubt that this generation has not broken through as much as with previous generations. However there is some exceptional emerging talent and so there is a need to consider how best to nurture this talent through.

There is a lot of discussion about the importance of innovation through digital technology, products and services but innovation with people is equally as important. Good talent and people are the core differential in Hospitality.

The overall comments we are receiving from boards tell us that:

  • Many middle level executives are narrower in their thinking than in previous eras and possess less real market knowledge.
  • There appears to be less natural accountability and even life skills amongst many developing through.
  • However there is no doubting their thirst for knowledge and intellect appears to be higher.
  • There is a greater community/team focus amongst those coming through.

Middle managers network less and do not really grasp how to build strong business relationships.

As a result of this, EP has been piloting a series of Think Tanks and also developing initiatives to work alongside companies to support the development of emerging talent.

The argument is that it is important to help support talent:

  • Think differently
  • Problem solve and find solutions through lateral thinking
  • Learn to express their thoughts
  • Develop their industry knowledge and understanding of key trends and issues
  • Develop social and networking skills

There are many talented individuals within the hospitality sector and now they must, as must companies, learn from what has not worked as effectively in the past decade. Transforming the process can now support the development of people.

EP believes strongly in the development of talent. It has therefore piloted a series of Think Tanks which bring people together from across the industry. These have been well received and will continue.

Bespoke Internal Leadership Innovation Think Tanks, which challenges teams to go beyond the day-to-day, are also created by EP. They are aimed for emerging talent and provide them the freedom to develop their thinking, build their own networks, and in turn add greater value in their business role.

EP is also hosting six Leadership Innovation Hub events per year. These are, in simple terms, interactive lectures by Industry leaders.


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