Join us for the Entrepreneurs Summer Ball – A party celebrating originality

The Summer Party celebrating creativity and originality

The Entrepreneurs’ Summer Ball is an opportunity that brings together senior leaders and innovators for an exciting 1920s themed party. There is a real interest in original ideas and concepts that will bring a point of difference to operations and engage customers. 

The success of the Entrepreneurs Community around EP and One Moorgate Place shows how this is an exciting time for innovation and creativity. The Entrepreneurs’ Summer Ball will be a once in a lifetime event to meet this thriving community of senior leaders and new talent for an elegant and polished evening.  Guests will be welcomed with an exclusive reception, a three course dinner, delicious drinks and a retro live band to entertain you.

The theme of the event will be the Roaring 20s, with shows and elegant decorations.

Summer Ball

The Roaring 1920s themed party to celebrate creativity
Friday 15th July 2016, 7pm
One Moorgate Place
Chartered Accountants Hall,

Summer Ball 1

Why attending?

More than just networking
This is about sharing the same passion for new disruptive ideas in hospitality.

A quirky yet elegant themed event
One Moorgate Place will be fully decorated  in a stunning art deco style with 20s performances that will transport guests back to the past.

A special guest attending the Entrepreneur’s Summer Ball
This is a unique opportunity to meet a special guest during the evening.

In other words…
It is going to be a great night and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

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