It’s not just about multi-sensory retreats

There is a growing need for people, of all ages, to feed their mind and creativity. Modern life has become so quick and frantic that many suffer from narrow thinking and operate in a silo culture. Some argue that these people need to go on retreats to far away lands and feel free once again. It’s a nice idea but for the majority, not quite attainable, so what’s the solution?

There isn’t only one answer. Today there are many ways to feed the mind, body and creativity – for those who are open to new ideas. As new thinking is developed and indeed a return to traditional principals, the hospitality industry can sit at the heart of this.

Hospitality is all about people, both customers and employees, and both are suffering in some shape or form. Whether lack of time, mental health, physical health, generational differences or just general negativity, there are underlying concerns which is impacting both community and culture. This is where the industry, with its core focus at heart, can look after these people. It provides the spaces for positive thoughts and experiences – eating nutritious food, spending time with others, movement but also stillness. Some argue there is an imbalance to life today, so can the hospitality sector bring the equilibrium?

It doesn’t have to be elaborately named classes of shades of the soul or harmonic loops, but simply great food and good service in welcoming environments. It’s the basics, backbone and simplicity and the industry mustn’t forget these are the roots. The not-so-ancient wisdom can guide a sustainable and wellbeing future.

Along the way something has been lost so why can’t hotels provide art exhibitions; restaurant host cooking classes and caterers get their teams out and about in external networks. Its about an approach which creates a positive future for people and again retuning to the core.


People are changing, whether the food they desire or the art they would like to look at, but the principles do not change. It’s simply about reflecting the consumer and ensuring there are solutions to modern day problems.

Some may argue why the sector should be concerned about greater wellbeing? A survey at the University of Michigan found that being curious, gratitude, love and perseverance was strongly linked to high levels of life satisfaction. By proving the best experience and ensuring employees are equally in comfort, it should bring greater fulfilment and therefore also spend. It is simple but getting the basics right is core.

It doesn’t have to be ‘multi-sensory’ experiences but food, service and space.

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