It was a very good year: January to April 2017

A summary: January to April 2017

It has been a busy and successful year at EP with many groundbreaking campaigns launched, sold-out events hosted and thought provoking content communicated. Here’s a summary for the first four months of the year.

EP began the year by asking if we needed to re-engineer Hospitality. For those prepared to review how they deliver hospitality could the problems (Brexit, competition, etc.) soon become opportunities? EP asked if businesses were brave enough to think differently? Is it possible through:


  • Create internal Think Tanks to explore new ideas and services
  • Train/coach to encourage different thinking
  • Free up potential leaders by addressing culture

Understand the ‘experts’ do not always know best anymore

In January EP published ‘From Classroom to Boardroom’. A hardback book of dissertation summaries which critically analyses a great range of issues and challenges faced by our industry today. Available on Amazon here.

By February innovation was sweeping across the industry but the complexities of established companies prolonged adoption and therefore success. At the same time a different generation continued to emerge who didn’t understand why process stopped progress. EP asked if we should combine generational strength rather than criticise it. Why now?

  • Business model – HR need to urgently react to hire newly skilled talent
  • Baby boomers retire in droves
  • Old hierarchical models are not agile enough for the changes
  • Human capital management – digital workforce includes people analytics, orgnisational science and psychology

Culture and engagement – improve productivity and drive innovation

There is a new exciting generation emerging but they need support as they have a different perspective on business, culture and people. Arguably this is the first time when both generations need the skills of the other. EP launched the NED Panel to support  – leading players who want to play a valuable roles in growing businesses.

Quote of the year?
“I cannot tell a lie…but…perhaps I can interest you in an alternative fact?”

EP hosted the launch of The F.E.A.S.T Project – their leader development experience which offers an opportunity to strengthen teams and identify leaders through self-discovery in nature’s habitat.

Many stories were published in EP’s various publications:

  • Trafficking in the hotel industry – are we largely defenseless?
  • Why is there a missing mindset for new chefs in the sector?
  • What role should business play to combat and support stress and mental health?

The impact climate change is having on Hospitality. If the snow doesn’t fall the ski lodge doesn’t open.

EP hosted ‘An audience with Brian Turner’ at Lambeth Palace in February. Over £8000 was raised with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts to support Adopt a School Trust Charity. 100 senior players from across the sector attended the exclusive evening for a special cause.

Women in Business

At the end of March EP brought together a community of people for a special dinner which was all about women in business. The sold out event included inspiring key speakers and the main take-away was:

A business with a good culture, which is diverse and also inclusive is generally the most successful.

“Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.” EP hosted a far from an ordinary breakfast discussion on the changing habits of food consumption. The stimulating discussion was sponsored by IndiCater.

EP launched and ran a number of Think Tank’s which encouraged lateral thinking, problem solving and networking and relationships building skills. Topics included:

  • The fear of failure – The importance of freeing up talent to take risks
  • Is there a way to bring together disruptors and corporates?
  • Why do some companies invest millions into their buildings and only thousands into their people?

These Think Tanks will continue into 2018, especially as boards were arguing:

  • Many middle level executives are narrower in their thinking than in previous eras and possess less real market knowledge
  • There appears to be less natural accountability and even life skills amongst many developing through
  • However the thirst for knowledge and intellect appears to be higher
  • There is a greater community/team focus amongst those coming through.

It began to appear that old-fashioned skills of sorts needed introducing because people were networking less and didn’t fully grasp how to build strong business relationships.

Does cost act as a barrier to sustainability? A Winnow sponsored breakfast forum focused on how sustainability plays a key role in setting the agenda of innovation across the sector.


EP continued to support entrepreneurs and innovation in the sector. There is great importance in creating new ideas that are designed to combat issues and also create solutions to problems that may be faced in the future. This need to evolve is highlighted by the examples of Blockbusters and Woolworths, who in some ways, failed to adapt to a changing market.

EP’s ‘Dragons Den’ pitch events were held throughout the year and over 25 entrepreneurs were supported and pitched at these relaxed events.

In April EP brought together many senior players from across the Hospitality and Sporting worlds to discuss the Reinvention campaign. The dinner took place at London’s iconic May Fair Hotel and looked at the core argument of people innovation – the need to redevelop skills and maximize talent. Former players from rugby, football, cricket and swimming shared their inspiring stories.

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