It is the right time to note that Hospitality does stand apart and can lead other Industries. But we do need to make the argument. 

It is the right time to note that Hospitality does stand apart and can lead other Industries

But we do need to make the argument.

Over the course of this year, EP has been delighted to take lead and facilitate a number of on-going and important debates. We are writing regularly about the challenges of the workplace across the whole of UK plc. and beyond but we also believe that many other industries can learn from the UK Hospitality industry which does excite many – but it will not just happen. We do need to make the argument.

On this basis, we are currently directly involved in 3 debates. Our challenge/request to you is to get involved with us – whether you agree with us or not.

1. The Great Service Debate

Over the course of this year we have and are hosting a series of round table events in partnership with Giles Gordon-Smith of Penshee to discuss what is great service and what does it mean? What can we learn from great service and how does this impact on customers?

We have had a number of the leading players from all sectors discuss their thoughts, observations and lessons and later this year we will be releasing a report on the conclusions and results. This report will be circulated across the industry both in the UK and globally.

2. The Campaign to C-suit

UK business is struggling. Productivity is falling. Mental health and stress is increasing. Trust and internal comms is in decline – Food service can make a difference. It can really impact on business, on schools, on talent, in hospitals and beyond. The sector can and must make a stronger argument for investment and to make its voice heard.

We are bringing together a framework that includes ambassadors from the world of sport to talk about the importance of food, from business and from PR to help us create this voice.

3. The Chefs Manifesto

As part of the SDG2 we are creating a community of chefs to work towards a more sustainable food system. Food today is an international language and our aim is to help develop the level of discussion.

This is a serious time that does need serious people to solve the issues – but it also needs leaders to work together to create strong voices that showcase the industry as being the world class business that it is.

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