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Hospitality Illustrated

Portraits of Hospitality 

Hospitality Illustrated is a picture story of an exceptional, world-class industry, full of great people, greater character and great stories.

The hospitality industry is a vibrant, exciting sector full of characters and personalities. Over the last ten years EP has been privileged to have taken photos of many great people and teams and is now putting over 400 of these images into one beautiful book.

Each photo tells a story and we’re had great enjoyment in compiling this important book. There will be pictures that make one stop and reflect – stop and smile – and maybe even stop and frown. It tells a story of great character and a special industry.

Hospitality Illustrated is £30.00 per copy and out 21st November – get in touch to secure your copy…that is one Christmas present ticked off the list.

Just some of the stunning shots in the 200-page book…


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