Is there scope to review traditional outsource tender processes and reduce the cost which is expected to be invested?

It is a question which has been fairly raised time and time again recently. Operators have faced so many challenges in the last year, so many rising costs, is it correct that the cost of a tender process can lie between £30-70,000 ?

And it is not just one company who will invest this level but a number in the hope of winning a major contract?

It has also be asked whether the process naturally creates a barrier for small players who naturally will face a longer road back to strength in the rebuild? But more importantly, if there was a way to reduce the cost of tendering, this investment can be turned to better use as companies do rebuild.

So the question has been asked – is there another way? Is there scope for a discussion on this issue between industry, clients and consultants?

At worst, it is a debate worth having as it does raise questions which a confident industry can debate. At best, it will naturally create a stronger discussion between all parties.

EP will this year be bringing together a select working party to discuss and look at this issue. Those involved will include operators from both majors and independents, consultants, industry experts and those who do procure outsource services for their organisations – from education to B&I to beyond. The aim is to explore and discuss whether there are new ideas and recommendations which can be suggested for broader review.

EP will then seek broader discussion across industry. The aim is to have an open debate which does try to seek progressive ideas and approaches.

Please get in touch should you wish to be involved – contact