Is Leadership harder today? How do teams view you as a leader? How are you finding the role? An interview with Jaz and Ed Ampaw-Farr, Human First Leadership

There is little doubt that there is a growing intensity surrounding the subject of leadership which is currently being brutually lived out in the political arena. The whole issue of leadership sits at the heart of many of today’s leading debates including those around the return to work, workplaces, diversity & inclusion and business models but to mention a few.

Add to the mix a range of other issues such as a growing sense of the imposter syndrome, increased expectations within businesses and of oneself, various demands including the occasional global pandemic and then, being the best that you can be in life, in your relationships and at work becomes an even bigger challenge.

The following interview is fascinating as it really touches on the heart of a range of key issues around leadership and people.

EP will be looking to host a series of workshops with Jaz and Ed in the future as they do bring a very different and fresh perspective to the subject. They possess not only a strong depth of understanding and experience on the subject but also understand why many struggle in the role. It is an interview very much worth listening to.