Is Birmingham a city challenging perceptions?

Cities are under pressure to change, reinvent and look to the future. One such city which seems to be on the rise and having its time to shine is Birmingham.

With a rich history which has included sporting successes with the likes of Astin Villa and Birmingham City to the infamous Peaky Blinders series to the Bull Ring, Birmingham has always had a strong identity and culture but with it currently hosting the impressive Commonwealth Games currently being hosted by the city, could this be the start of something new?

At the heart of Birmingham’s steady growth lies a thriving young community. As the youngest city in Europe, with 40% of its population under the age of 25 and a graduate retention rate of 46%, Birmingham offers ample career opportunities for Millennials and Generation Z. With the city’s infrastructure growing around this new generation of young urban professionals and the City Council’s ‘Future City Plan’, announcement in early 2021, Birmingham is on route to becomming a world-class metropolis within the next 20 years.

Birmingham is a city on the rise and has a wealth of opportunity and talent. With the Commonwealth Games and the construction of the ambitious Birmingham Curzon Street Station currently underway, the UK’s second largest city is a rapidly expanding business hub, home to more than 40,000 companies, many of which are startups looking to invest in new talent.

Could Birmingham and its young talent create a new future and story for the city?