Introducing Yourself

Introducing Yourself

Do you hate networking events? Do they make you feel uneasy and tense? Do you feel confident in your own presentation?

Nothing is more effective than good social skills in influencing clients and colleagues.

Impact TrainingThe idea of networking frightens many people and makes people feel tense when in truth it can open doors to many new and interesting friendships and clients.

There are many clichés such as “It is not what you know but who you know” or “They just know the people in the right places” but throughout the ages it has been an important skill to learn how to network and build influence across different social and professional groups

Maximizing your own approach and impact is still the best way of winning new business and influencing others. Some believe that it can be replaced through the development of a strong virtual personality. Do not listen for it is not true. It does not matter how many connections one has on LinkedIn or Facebook friends – the reality is that there needs to substance and real contact to a relationship

Over the last six months, EP has launched a programme to coach and mentor both groups and individuals in this area. This includes:

  • TrainingUnderstanding where your strengths lie – How to develop and demonstrate them
  • Are you comfortable with your own personality?
  • How to present yourself
  • Self and values – what are these? Can you name the top 5 values of You
  • The 5 – 7 second effect – look/dress/body language
  • Consistency – Each time – All the time
  • Individuals perpetrate the brand
  • Its not about being smart, its about being appropriate
  • Be in control of your body – Your mouth could be saying plenty of intelligent words but your body may be saying the opposite.
  • Does your name start with “…Erm”?

The process includes a number of discussions and techniques and includes:

  • Role Play
  • Attending events
  • Interactive dinners
  • One to one coaching
  • Guest speakers from Industry.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Diana Kozlowska

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