Introducing Play It Green – helping repair the planet

“Nearly 6 out of 10 consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact” (IBM Study in 2020)

Sustainability is being demanded of business from all sides. It has become a mainstream agenda topic in the last two years especially. People all across the country, from investors to employees are asking for stronger ESG strategies.

Play It Green was founded by

Chris Thair is the ex-CEO of Wales Rugby League and the Rugby League European Federation after 20 years working in sport. A graduate of Loughborough University and Manchester Met Universities, qualified Chemistry teacher and involved in numerous global sporting events.

Richard Dickson is the ex-Director of Global Partnerships for Green Earth Appeal’s not-for-profit initiative, Carbon Free Dining and hugely experienced in the sustainability sector. Richard ran the global restaurant initiative, Carbon Free Dining and which was responsible for over 1 million new trees being planted in the developing world and its expansion to 12 countries.

Play it Green has a unique employee sustainability initiative which, for a nominal monthly subscription cost, you can rebalance your employees’ personal carbon footprint in their daily lives and thus make them climate positive. Their philosophy is simple – replanting trees all across the world to repair damage caused.

The initial repair and rebalancing is achieved by planting trees in places that have suffered severe deforestation, such as Madagascar. The planting of trees in these countries delivers a huge environmental and social impact by reducing extreme poverty whilst providing jobs, food, and sustainable habitat. Trees filter water, prevent floods, help wildlife flourish, and regulate the climate.

Their philosophy is simple – replanting trees all across the world to repair damage caused.

Alongside rebalancing and reducing your workforce footprint and providing a social impact where we plant, they give 10% of subscriptions as a donation to the nominated good cause of each subscriber, making each person feel they are doing more to achieve positive social that they would like to witness.

It is said that 87% of Millennials would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues (Forbes) meaning initiatives such as this help you attract and retain the very best employees.

Companies are signing up in their support of Play it Green as it has an approach which resonates with many and makes a difference.