Introducing Bombay Tiimes – Allergen free, vegan Indian street food with a taste that will not compromise

In recent weeks, a food product has been quietly launched onto the market. It has been a three year journey from inception to trading as the product has been tested and piloted, ready for this moment in time. Across the market, more people want to find allergen free products and vegan and with real taste so that it can build a loyal following. Bombay Tiimes brings the taste and flavours of Indian street food to life for operators from hotels to food service to be able to use.

The founder of Bombay Tiimes is Mark McCann, a culinary olympic medal-winning chef, with over 40-years’ experience in top food service operations across the UK. He was inspired by a combination of his own family possessing a history of serious food allergies, along with his own Indian heritage. He founded Bombay Tiimes to prove that clean, allergen-conscious, plant-based street food can also be delicious, authentic and accessible to all.

It has taken three years to develop new, ground-breaking recipes and to find the right producer who could not only meet the most rigorous expectations of quality, but also deliver in scale.

Today, our range of products is manufactured in a facility that has specialised in Vegan Indian food for over 35-years.

“I know a lot of people will say this but Bombay Tiimes has been a passion of mine; it has come from the heart,” noted Mark McCann. “ Indian food is in my blood; I know how special and good it can be and I do think the UK has really begun to understand there is so much more to the food styles than has been previously experienced but also that it is a healthy cuisine.”

At the same time, the concern over allergens has grown and yes, I have seen it first hand. Therefore, to found a food style and range of products which really do represent all I believe in, is really important and I believe can make a difference.

Indian street food can be inspirational, full of superb flavours and tastes. In India, street food is a way of life. It is part of the culture and story of India. Every region, state, and even city has its own delicacies that are adored by locals.

Often the street food in a town is better than anything else you might try in a restaurant in India – and healthier too.

Street food is by its nature humble and can be eaten by anyone, rich or poor. Let the taste be the judge, not the perception. Try it – I challenge you not to want more. India is like a boiling pot of great tastes and flavours which make you want to have more. My aim has to somehow bring this to life so that hotels, and food service operations can acquire the products to serve in every type of operation across the country; in stadiums, in hotels, in universities, in hospitals, in businesses, on the high street.

I would say that in the next year, this can be even more important as everyone is talking about food inflation and how it will impact consumers in the pocket. Even more important then to have a product which is humble but can build a loyal audience which returns time and again.”

Has it been a tough journey?

Mark smiled at the question: “Founding a business in a pandemic? Just a touch. It has tough on everyone, large or small. It has felt a long journey but I think that is true for all entrepreneurs today. It takes time to build. There are fewer overnight successes and maybe rightly so, as it has to be about substance first. The quality of the product is exceptional and we are ready now to see the business grow – and that is all that matters; tomorrow not yesterday.”

Mark McCann