International Forum – We made it to the moon in 1969, how can we not have had a plan for a virus?

As we slowly emerge from lockdown and understand the changes in and challenges to our businesses and the world at large, we look to continue to provide platforms for knowledge share and discussion from different markets within the UK and across the world. .

We were therefore delighted to host a discussion forum this morning which included valuable international insights from the following hotel industry leaders and EHMA (European Hotel Managers Association) National Delegates ;

  • Ezio Indiani – EHMA’s President and National Delegate of Italy – General Manager Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan and EHMA National Delegate Italy since 2010
  • Panos Almyrantis – National Delegate of Greece – Hotel General Manager Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas in Crete since 2010 and Vice President European Hotel Managers Association
  • Stephan Stokkermans – National Delegate of Netherlands – Managing Director of Grand Hotel HUIS TER DUIN
  • Juha Mahonen – National Delegate of Finland and also representing -Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway & Russia.

An interesting discussion which highlighted severe losses to GDP and tourism, difficulties in keeping up with changing government regulations for the hospitality industry, varying rules around temperature checking, social distancing as well the innovaiton in/death of the infamous buffet. But as was mentioned, Churchill noted that one should never let a good crisis go to waste and so the discussion left all with a sense of hope, that we are currently simply experiencing the “temporary abnormal” rather than the “new normal” and that this crisis is a chance for us as an industry to revitalise and strengthen the atmosphere of trust with both our guests as well as our staff.