Inspired whilst sitting in the surf – Sipple


The Tide Is Starting To Turn

Sipple is the combination of hydrating-on-the-go and Hydration Stations that serve freshly filtered, UV purified water. Motivated by the need to reduce plastic litter on beaches, inspired by a sleepy town in Malaysia and energised by plastic pollution becoming part of the global agenda, Sipple is positively disrupting.

Founded by Lee Congdon and Richard Elmer, the simple Sipple plan is to provide a hydration station infrastructure in high footfall locations which allow the public to access free ambient unfilled tap water or chilled filtered and UV purified water for a small cost. 

Sipple and its solution to removing single use plastic at source was born by Lee Congdon (pictured above) whilst sitting in the surf in Malaysia. Lee has grown up enjoying the beaches in Cornwall but had witnessed how single use plastic began to cover the sand.

Lee was involved in beach cleans in Cornwall, which are important, but knew this was never going to tackle the problem at source. In the sleepy town of Cherating in Malaysia, he watched the locals fill big bottles of water from a refill station and it was there were the idea of Sipple was born.

Lee reached out to Richard Elmer (left) about the idea of hydration stations in the UK, where the public could refill their reusable bottles while out and about on the move. Richard took a fair bit of convincing because it wasn't the hot topic in 2017 but soon became Co-Founder.

Together they developed a hydration prototype and formed a partnership with Chillys, one of the UK’s leading re-usable bottle companies. Sipple stations can stock Chillys re-usable bottle directly from them, allowing consumers to instantly purchase and refill.

It hasn’t been a straight forward journey for Lee and Richard. They explain, “We have met with businesses who are hiding behind ‘we make too much money out of bottled water’ and organisations who were concerned about charging for water out of a hydration station.”

However they believe 2019 has been the wake up year and have already been contacted by investors, NGO’s and landowners. They believe Sipple are on the verge of launching the hydration stations into the pubic realm.

Sipple Values:

  • Vision – ‘End our cultural addiction to single use plastic and ultimately protect the environment’
  • Mission – ‘Instigate changes in attitudes, behaviours and conventions to reduce the environmental impact of bottled water consumption’
  • Product Truth – ‘An innovative network of mains water Hydration Stations that offers an affordable, plastic-free alternative to bottled water’
  • Brand Truth – ‘We challenge current attitudes, conventions and behaviours to inspire positive change’

Sipple Video Teaser

Sipple believe they are at the forefront of positive disruption and that the timing is now perfect. They explain:

“The damaging effects of single use plastic and the understanding that business models need to change is now at the forefront of thinking . Over 16 million people within the UK now carry reusable water bottle every day, but with very limited ways of refilling. Supermarkets such as M&S and Iceland are now offering plastic free fruit and vegetables. Single use plastic drinks bottles will not be available at Glastonbury 2019. More and more plastic free shops are opening around the UK. These are just a few of the positive steps businesses are beginning to make towards single use plastic.”

We believe that Sipple is built to last and is coming to the market at the perfect time.