Leadership & Entrepreneurship

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Many aspire to be leaders and entrepreneurs where they too could set the tone of business. This is particularly true in the hospitality industry where entrepreneurship is a dominant force, yet few people understand what it demands to be a leader in the sector. Much has been written over the years about leadership and entrepreneurship; this insightful and widely researched new book is unique however in focusing on the contemporary hospitality industry. The text is based on over 100 in-depth interviews with leading hospitality entrepreneurs in all sectors of the industry internationally. It moves away from a purely theoretical perspective to focus on the practical issues- the skills, attitudes, motivations and decisions of proven entrepreneurs. A highly structured approach gives the reader- *A clear overview and understanding of what defines an entrepreneur and how they work *The historical context of entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry and how is it changing * Interviews and case studies revealing the views and insights of successful entrepreneurs themselves The book is for executives in hospitality at all levels who want to understand how to assess and implement entrepreneurial and leadership skills in their organisations, for trainers developing the next generation of corporate leaders in the sector, and for all serious students of hospitality who want to understand one of the fundamental driving forces in the industry.

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