Industry leaders need to win hearts and minds once again

In the following interview, Bob Cotton talks about his concern that the corporate players do need to come together and work more collaboratively to build industry’s message to talent and to consumers. He is quick to point out that the issues that the industry face are the same in North America and in Europe, issues that many developed countries face, but they need tackling by the big players coming together to work as one.

Bob notes his admiration for the work achieved during the crisis by the likes of Kate Nicholls (UKH), Mark Lewis (Hospitality Action) and Chris Gamm (Springboard) but these are trade bodies and charities, led by communicators. The corporates too need to take up the challenge.

Bob goes on to discuss how industry will need to think differently as it seeks to solve problems. It is fully understandable that most are simply trying to survive but there will come a tipping point when that does change and need solutions will be needed.

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