In the pandemic, stronger compassion felt at the fore but has this been forgotten or simply talked about less and acted upon more?

Across many organisations, there are those who note that during the pandemic, the industry really did step forward and illustrated its strength in caring for others; in care and in communities. They go on to note that they feel that many have reverted to type and their concern is that this compassion has been lost.

The counter argument is that companies did need to focus on their core and rebuild their trading performance. The pandemic made companies increase pressures, with smaller teams, there was not much room for sentiment.

It is true but there has also been a sea change. There is far broader and stronger perspective that there was pre 2020. Companies are filling the gap in communities and playing a more central role than was the case. Hospitality has long played a central role in communities but it is deeper than that; companies are aware that there is today a need to show greater care for those in their employment and those in communities.

There is a stronger awareness today of those who are struggling with the cost of living crisis, of those who are struggling to cope, of the need to train and engage all talent from all audiences. It is just not being shouted about as companies want to make it part of their overall DNA than be seen to using their approaches for PR gain. There is, in fact, a push against this so many great pieces of investment and actions are simply not being promoted but it happening.

  • A number of companies have created their own policies for supporting their employees in the cost of living crisis.
  • A number of companies are investing more in their own food service provision as it 1. Helps bring employees back to the workplace and 2. Ensures that their employees can access good nutritional offers.
  • There are companies who are investing in the training and development of those in disadvantaged communities and backgrounds so that they can develop their craft and life skills for the future.
  • There are companies investing in new ways of helping employees reach offices without increased transport costs.
  • There are more companies open to working with and supporting social enterprises so they a difference can be made.
  • There are schemes developing all across the world for stronger investment in ensuring that there is a better and stronger support for all. This is happening in both developed and developing countries.

The truth is that far from compassion falling away, it is very much alive and kicking. It is sitting centrally with many companies. They are just not talking about it which is admirable as it means that it is likely to last.