In the heart of the action where anything can happen…

As most have found, the year has been unpredictable, full of twists and turns and full of challenges. It has also opened the door to a full range of opportunities.

As a result, EP is bringing together a vastly experienced team of senior players (ex CEOs, MDs, and discipline directors) who all bring in extra skills and support to work with clients to help all maximise the opportunities which do exist.

EP is often asked about its model and the following is an outline on the various business and revenue flows which it does operate:

  • Key Events. EP has always been proud of the active events schedule which it hosts in bringing together industry players to discuss and debate key issues. We are also delighted to announce two Save the Date key events:
    – FPI Annual Briefing 4th December at The Royal Institute of British Architects. In partnership with Prestige Purchasing, the FPI event provides an in-depth look the challenges surrounding food inflation, operational trends and performance and the supply chain.
    – The Alix Partners Food Service Report – 6th December at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre. This event will be held in Westminster.
  • Publications. We were delighted to this year support the launch of Sir Garry Hawkes CBE memoir and there is a growing demand for quality publications.
  • Entrepreneurs. We have long been proud to work alongside many leading entrepreneurs over the years and there are some exceptional talents breaking through today. We are working with over 30 new and developing concepts and businesses.
  • New experiences. In recent months, EP has been working with a range of brands seeking to develop their own events to directly engage the consumer. Brands today are seeking new methods for directly interacting with their audiences and building a stronger relationship. Naturally, this has opened new opportunities for strategic alliances and inventive thinking.
  • Consultancy. As one can expect, many operators are seeking to understand the market, its changes, influences and trends.
  • Communications. It is more important than ever for companies to possess strong narratives and we are fortunate to be working with a leading expert in this area.
  • Consultants Corner. EP is delighted this year to be working in partnership with Maxcene Crowe, former Global Procurement with JLL, to interview many leading consultants to ensure that there is a better understanding and perspective of how consultants do view the market and landscape.
  • Senior appointment. One of the exciting trends to emerge is the breakthrough of new voices and talent into senior roles bringing in new thinking and challenges at board level.
  • What about the food? There has been a real debate around how chefs can think differently about food and how they source. Is this the moment when British food styles and produce do once again come to the fore? Are their lessons from the past which we can use today?

Altogether, it does create a hotpot of debates, conversations and insights. The industry is recovering and in need of a knowledge share, which is the core founding principle that lies behind EP. Understandably, the breadth of work allows EP a level of insight and understanding that very few others are able to possess.

If you would like to learn more, then please do not hesitate to contact