In difficult times, it is important to stand tall for change. There are those who talk well but today is about action more than words. Give all talent, regardless of their background, a real chance to be developed.

Almost every company acknowledges the struggle to find talent; it is clear that more than ever there is a need to retain and develop talent. It is also important that all talent, regardless of background, is developed. It is not about looking towards others to solve the problem, everyone and every company does need to work harder at how it works to develop talent.

The last twenty years have arguably been a golden era for the industry and the ground for the era was laid in the 90s when companies did invest in development. However, during the last twenty years with talent so easily available, development schemes became less of importance and arguably less effective. Research has shown that investment into L&D halved during that time.

However, what worked in previous times needs to be evolved. This era needs new structures and frameworks, new solutions,

In difficult times, it is important to stand tall for change. There are those who talk well but this period of time is about action more than words. Ritrovo was founded to aid emerging talent to feel enabled and possess the confidence with which to compete. Ritrovo has developed a strong social piece which is talking with a number of bodies about helping those who have come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

Hospitality is about great social and craft skills. It is about caring for others. Great talent can come from any background but it needs to encourage and inspired. It is not good enough to just expect. More is needed. There are many from even the most humble of backgrounds who want to build new lives and careers.

Ritrovo aims to work with all talent to help anyone who wants to learn and grow.

The Great Post Pandemic Walk – May 2022

This year, over 45 people walked all across the country, walked in support of Ritrovo. Industry professionals walked from the west coast of Scotland to Northumberland to Norfolk, Wales, London, the Cotswolds and on the South Coast. It was an inspiring day of action. In May 2022, another series of walks will be hosted- so come and join the action. Let’s make a difference together and walk to help all talent.