In Conversation with Chris Ashmore, Operations Director and Strategic Catering Lead at OCS Group UK

EP Business in Hospitality was delighted to talk with Chris Ashmore, Operations Directors and Strategic Catering Lead at OCS Group UK, Chris is at the forefront of change.

As a leader in his own right and as an integral part of the change and future of OCS, what is Chris seeing, how is the industry changing and what are his thoughts for the future?

An interesting interview which explores many topics and considerations, including:
• How is food service changing with the challenges to be faced?
• How are customer/clients behaviours changing, in expectation and in desire?
• How are offices changing in work pattern and design?
• How important is sustainability, nutrition, mental well-being and social purpose in food service and work place?
• What is keeping Chris awake at night or helping him sleep?

Leadership and enabling future leaders to have the opportunity to learn from and experience the wisdom and inspiration of current leaders is something that EP is passionate about and Chris is a leader who also shares his insights into his career path and road to success, his optimism for the future and his advise to his 18 year old self.

Interesting insights and thoughts of a leader in his own right and at the forefront of change within the industry.