In a complex world, we simply seek to ask the questions which few others pose

This is arguably one of the most challenging periods of time to have been faced. The economy is facing a major challenge but maybe not for the reasons that most believe. Economic structures were simply not set up to deal with Covid, Brexit and growth all at the same time. The system is overloaded and at the same time, many people have changed their outlook on life.

If one step’s back, what else could have been expected? The world is changing in how it views energy and is moving towards greener solutions. The world is adjusting to new trade patterns with the UK leaving the EU; with the US and China starting to battle with one another. How could we expect anything else but supply shortages?

Do we understand the real issues taking place and what is needed as we return to a recovered economy?

If one then just looks at city centres in the UK, one still wonders how much change is coming? With density of numbers expected to fall by between 20-30% in both numbers and revenues into hospitality, how are some models sustainable? How long will it take for average room rates to return to how they were in 2019?

How will services change and evolve over the next couple of years? How will models change to cope with the challenges to be faced?

We do not pretend to have the answers. We simply seek to ask and debate the questions and share the insights which come from the ensuing discussions.

EP’s core mission has always been to be a voice for promoting new ideas, opinions, innovation and progressiveness. We are fortunate to work with leading experts from across a range of fields who are constantly seeking to the support the industry progress; whether from the worlds of education to technology, from leadership development to robotics, from diversity and inclusion to corporate finance, law and professional services. Our focus is not just in the UK but global and we are honoured to work with a number of global partners including HVS, Bird & Bird, Alix Partners, SerTech Exchange, Prestige Purchasing, Dynamify, Zennio, Seewoo UK, Firsti amongst others.

Given this, we strive to constantly host events and engage companies to think beyond the immediate norms and look towards new emerging trends, concepts and thinking.

The industry faces many serious issues and it will need new ideas and innovation to come to the fore. It will need the sharing of knowledge as maybe never before. This is our mission.