Imagine a celebration of great food styles, music, dance, art, tradition and custom

Cultural sustainability is often one of the less discussed pillars in sustainability and yet arguably is of real importance to many. There is a good reason why localism has taken off in importance, why so many have become protective and passionate about their communities, old customs and traditions.

The pandemic has heightened the passion for great food produce, for new food styles, for artisan products, for music, dance, and art. Many resorts have understood that they can be the voice and showcase for their local cultures. Many towns too have woken up to the importance of promoting their culture, food, wines and traditions to attract business. It is unlikely most would be able to guess the centres which attracted the highest levels of increased bookings in 2019 for tourism as they were not the high profile centres but places which promoted great tradition and local produce. There is a genuine passion to celebrate localism and culture to a level not seen for a number of decades.

In 2022, a festival is being planned to bring all these great elements together to celebrate modern British culture – our food styles, Morris dancing, ballet, and great music styles from folk to classical, our developing wines, our food produce, our sport, and our customs.

Wouldn’t it be something special to celebrate all the good things we enjoy about our culture?